What Jellyfish Can Be Kept as Pets?

When you think of household pets, it’s usually cats or dogs that spring to mind. But for the aquarists with a penchant for the unusual and serene, jellyfish present an otherworldly option. Here’s a plunge into the depths of keeping these gelatinous creatures in your living room.

Moon Jellyfish (Aurelia aurita)

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Known for their ethereal and translucent bodies, Moon Jellyfish are the go-to choice for home aquariums. They require a specialized tank known as a ‘kreisel’ to simulate the open water’s gentle flow. Their maintenance is relatively straightforward, requiring a diet of plankton.

Blubber Jellyfish (Catostylus mosaicus)

Image Source: Lisa Williams on Flickr

The Blubber Jellyfish, with its vibrant hues and unique pulsating movement, can also adapt to life in a tank. Their care is similar to that of the Moon Jellyfish, but they can grow larger and may require more space to roam.

Flame Jellyfish (Rhopilema esculentum)

These jellyfish are known for their striking red coloration and are a popular choice for jellyfish enthusiasts. However, they are also more delicate and challenging to keep, needing precise water conditions and diet.

Spotted Lagoon Jellyfish (Mastigias papua)

Image Source: Baltimore Aquarium

The Spotted Lagoon Jellyfish adds a dash of visual spectacle to any tank with its spotted appearance and varied coloration. Unlike other species, they can benefit from some light, which promotes the growth of the algae inside their tissues.


Before you dive into the jellyfish tank trend, remember that these are living creatures that demand respect and proper care. They are not decorations but pets that need a commitment to their unique requirements.

Always do thorough research or consult with a marine specialist before making a decision. Keeping jellyfish as pets can be a rewarding experience, offering a tranquil slice of the ocean in your own home.