How to Keep Frogs Out of Your Toilet

So, you’ve been finding frogs in your toilet, and it’s driving you up the wall. Let’s face it; toilets are designed for specific human activities, and frog habitation isn’t one of them.

In this guide, we’re diving into some practical solutions to keep these unexpected amphibian visitors at bay.

Why Frogs Are Attracted to Toilets

Understanding the problem is the first step towards solving it. Frogs are drawn to toilets because they provide a moist environment, which is essential for their survival.

Also, toilets can be a quick way to catch insects. But don’t worry, you’re not doomed to share your bathroom with frogs forever.

7 Effective Strategies to Keep Frogs Away

1. Close Windows and Doors

The easiest access points for frogs are open windows and doors. Make sure these are closed, especially during the evening when frogs are most active.

2. Install Screens

For extra protection, consider installing screens on windows and drain openings. This keeps both frogs and other critters out.

3. Use Salt or Vinegar

Creating a salt or vinegar barrier around the toilet can deter frogs. However, be cautious using this method if you have pets, as it can be harmful to them.

4. Fix Leaks

Any water leakage around the toilet creates an inviting environment for frogs. Ensure that all leaks are fixed promptly.

5. Clear Vegetation

Frogs love damp, dark spaces. Trim down any overgrown vegetation near bathroom windows and vents that could serve as hiding spots.

6. Use Frog Repellents

There are specific frog repellents available in the market. These are usually non-toxic and can be sprayed around the bathroom to deter frogs.

7. Call a Professional

When all else fails, or if you’re dealing with a large-scale, smarter-than average frog invasion, it might be time to call a pest control professional.

Maintenance is Key

Remember, the most effective strategy is a combination of these methods. Regular maintenance checks can go a long way in ensuring that frogs don’t make your toilet their new home.


Dealing with frogs in the toilet is an unwelcome surprise that most homeowners would like to avoid. By taking some preventative steps and maybe applying a few frog-repelling tactics, you can solve this issue before it hops out of control. Keep your toilet frog-free and reclaim your bathroom today!