Are Pugs Supposed to Be Fat?

Pugs often get typecast as the chubby sidekick of the dog world. Sure, they’ve got a bit of a pudgy aesthetic going on, but does that mean they’re supposed to be fat? Let’s cut through the fluff (literally) and delve into what a healthy pug should look like.

Feeding: Beef, Spinach, and Beyond

First off, let’s talk about diet. You might be tempted to slide your pug a slab of beef under the table, thinking, “Hey, a carnivore’s gotta eat, right?” Yes, beef can be a good source of protein for dogs, but it should be lean and served in moderation. Overfeeding leads to obesity, and that’s a one-way ticket to health problems.

Now, what about greens like spinach? Surprisingly, spinach is rich in vitamins and safe for pugs when cooked and served in small portions. Just don’t go Popeye on your pug; moderation is key.

Exercise: Taking Down Lions or Taking Down Extra Weight?

No, your pug is not going to wrestle a lion anytime soon, despite what their brave and boisterous demeanor might suggest. Exercise is essential for pugs, but we’re talking walks and light fetch games, not Herculean trials. Exercise helps keep your pug fit and combats the stereotype that they’re just fluffy couch potatoes.

The Final Verdict: Are Pugs Meant to Be Fat?

Short answer? No. While pugs are naturally a bit stocky due to their breed characteristics, that doesn’t mean they should be overweight. A healthy diet, regular exercise, and a balanced lifestyle are as essential for your pug as they are for you.

So the next time someone says, “Pugs are supposed to be fat,” you can confidently dispel that myth.

Keep your pug lean, mean, and spiritually serene. Then you won’t have to wonder if they’re fit for taking down lions; you’ll know they’re fit for a long, happy life.